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Important!  Please Plan Ahead!

The office will be closed from Thursday, September 4, until Wednesday, September 17. Please plan ahead. No courses will be graded and no course orders will be mailed out during this time period. This is our once a year break. Please plan ahead to avoid any inconvenience. Thank You.  




Here is what is available on this site:


21 hours of Continuing Education for $75Choose from a selection of different courses


21 hours of Continuing Education for $75which includes the ‘Broker in Charge’ 15-hour course plus any two of the four 3-hour core courses.


The newly revised and expanded ‘Broker in Charge’ 15 hour course for $59


The Post License Course for $149

This Post course meets the requirements for provisional sales associates to become full sales associates with renewable licenses.


Important CE Changes Announced!  


If You Do Not Complete Your 21 Hour CE License Requirement Before September 12, 2014, then you will have to meet these new requirements. 


Licensees must take at least one hour each in six required topics, with remainder being made up in elective hours. The required topics will be:  


Broker Relationships Act (BRA)

Fair Housing  (FHR)

Professional Conduct (PSC)

Current Issues (HOT)

Contracts and Forms (???)*

Code and Rules (???)*


*These topics have not been designated yet. It might be best to get your 21 hours of CE completed under the old rules before 12 September 2014.  If you will not finish by then, it would be wise to take the current four CORE topics plus a Contract Law course. This would leave only 1 hour of Code to do and it is possible that the LAWS course may count as both (HOT) and CODE at the same time – as long as it is at least two hours long.  Check back for Updates.


Core Courses:


Real Estate Ethics (PSC)

Fair Housing (FHR)

Laws Affecting Real Estate Practice (HOT)

Understanding Oklahoma Brokerage Law (BRA)


Elective & Other Courses:


Communications: Broker Overview

Total Quality Management

Ethical Conduct in Real Estate

Trust Accounts

Contract Law  


Post License Curse – 45 hours -- $149


All courses are by mail only. We do not hold live classes.


There are no shipping charges.


The 21 hour course packages and the post license courses are sent by priority mail, usually the same day an order arrives. There is no added cost for this priority service.


Courses are graded and results reported to the OREC -- usually on the same day the tests arrive in the mail.


Courses are updated when laws are changed.


Answers to Often Asked Questions:


You need 75% to pass. Tests on 3-hour courses have 30 questions with either multiple choice or true and false questions. If you fail, you must take the course again. Allow extra time in case you fail. Courses take about 3 hours to complete on average. Slow readers who have problems taking tests could take longer. Tests are open book.


For most students this is not hard to do. You read the course materials. Then you look up the answers which are found in the course materials. It’s not real hard but it does take time.   The best reasons to take CE by mail are: your time is very valuable, you can’t get to live classes, it is too expensive for you to attend live classes, and you don’t want the topics covered in live classes in your area at the times you can attend. 


You must complete these classes within 6 months by State Law. 

Please do not drop by the office to “pick-up” courses in person as they are not available at the office.   To Order Courses go to the order forms:

Continuing Education Courses

Post License course


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